Colorado Gold Rush Hemp

Are you ready for an event bigger than the gold rush? Besides the fact you can use it to replace concrete blocks, clothing, and printing supplies there’s an opening in the marketplace that’s about to go #Kaboomski!

While the steel revolution from Ford & Chevy was 55 times more profitable than the gold rush, I’d be willing to speculate this opportunity to be far more advantageous. In a world aching for new mass-culturally-accepted-solutions hemp is the cure that’s just around the corner.

So… What’s the big hype about hemp lately?

The Patent on CBD is almost expired!!!

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It’s time to put your big boy britches on and get ready for the next generation of American Farming! This is the beginning of a sustainable US. Although a lot of profits go to big businesses hemp is a million times more ethical than the fossil fuel industry which is becoming obsolete.

” The patent expires on April 21, 2019 ”

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CBD business patent laws to expire in one month!

” No other companies have yet licensed portions of the 6,630,507 patent, she said.”

Renate Myles, an NIH spokeswoman who writes for an online cannabis culture news hub.

“NIH allows investigators inside and outside NIH to conduct ongoing research with the patented technology, and other companies may also apply for licenses to use this patented technology to develop drugs to treat other neurological diseases where antioxidant properties of cannabinoid drugs may be beneficial. The patent expires on April 21, 2019, after which anyone would be free to develop drugs based on these cannabinoids that, like all drugs, would require FDA approval to demonstrate safety and effectiveness in humans,” said Myles.

” No other companies have yet licensed portions of the 6,630,507 patent, she said. “

Myles writes for the Cannabist: Click Here to learn more about the CBD Law
Are you ready for the CBD patent update April 1st, 2019?

I’m not sure what the entire history of the CBD patent is. I’ve found a few different articles which mention different patent licensing but they appear to be made at different timings for the same patent numbered 6,630,507. What excites me the most is that in a month and a half other organization will have free reign to develop drugs based on the previously patented cannabanoids.

Usually there’s a bunch of strings attached to things. For instance the hemp industry will give a huge kick back to big business next year off the taxes. It appears CBD stands to represent the little guys this time!

The United States’ CBD Patent was licensed in 2012 to Kannalife Corporation, which a pharmaceutical company that holds an exclusive license for the commercialization of cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. Kannalife Corporation CEO Dean Petkanas once was an executive decision-maker at Stratton Oakmont, a fraudulent pump-and-dump investment firm made famous in the Martin Scorsese film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Myles told the Cannabist that the patent does not prevent investigators from conducting research on the effects of cannabinoids as treatments for neurological diseases, but that Kannalife is the only entity licensed to develop cannabinoid-based drugs for those purposes.

As see on Wiki Leaf: “What is Patent 6,630,507? Why The Feds Hold a Patent On CBD Treatment”
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THC and CBD have been studied for years! Not to mention hemp has been cultivated by humans as long as corn. It’s been a long road for hemp to get back in the hands of American citizens. With the incredible resource value of hemp and the healthy development of culturally accepted CBD perhaps we’ll see the economy uptick soon (unless the car loan bubble hits!). This could mean the beginning of the sustainable revolution! CBD has only had strong scientific research behind it since 2003.

1. How the U.S. Got Patent 6630507
Patent 6630507 was granted to the Department of Health and Human Services in 2003. When the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which operates under this department, uncovers potential innovations or other discoveries, they apply for a patent so that they can control the research and allow others to do testing. Scientists with the NIH were searching for antioxidant qualities to help in degenerative brain diseases when they applied for the patent in 1999.

2. What the Patent Really Says
You may have heard that the U.S. has a patent on cannabis, but that is only partly correct. Patent 6630507 only covers some non-psychoactive compounds found in the plant, rather than the whole plant, which means it has nothing to do with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Possibly the most medicinally important compound, cannabidiol (CBD), is mentioned, though, and quite often. The patent also states, “No signs of toxicity or serious side effects have been observed following chronic administration of cannabidiol to healthy volunteers, even in large acute doses….” So, basically, the government knows both that certain compounds in cannabis have medicinal properties and that they are not at all harmful for human consumption.

3. The NIH’s Medicinal Expectations for Cannabis
In the abstract alone, scientists express that non-psychoactive cannabinoids act as antioxidants which could aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and HIV dementia. They even state that it could be preventative in that these compounds could limit damage caused by stroke and other trauma. The patent goes on to speculate about the benefits of these compounds in treating glaucoma, seizures and more. Think of these compounds like plastic wrap or a ziplock, which you would use to cover food you don’t want getting old and dried out, otherwise known as oxidization. When they say CBD is an antioxidant, they mean it prevents your brain from oxidizing, better known as aging.

As seen on PR0HBTD: “5 Important Facts About Patent 6630507”
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Relax it’s time for the hemp revolution!

The DEA might still have a long way to go before the Feds will consider legalizing cannabis, but today is prime time for hemp.

  • If you are a farmer and need to pick your future crops choose hemp!
  • If you are an investor and are looking for investment opportunities that will lead you to the best gains this year hemp could be your choice!
  • If you’re a contractor looking for the best construction materials choose hemp!
  • If you’re in the clothing industry and looking for a high quality, sustainable material at a low cost choose hemp!
  • If you’re a scientist and you want to discover the most efficient bio-fuel available study hemp!
  • If you trade stocks and haven’t been trading hemp or cbd stocks now’s the time!

Thanks for all the support to write all this content guys! It means a lot to me that the community is ready for such momentous opportunities and I’m happy to share all the harmonic resources I can muster.

The Musificent Kaboomski!